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Habbo Hotel Canada

About Habbo Hotel

About Habbo Hotel
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So You wanna know about habbo hotel?

Well it is an asome site were you can be a habbo and hang out with friends from all over canada there are guest rooms and public rooms and dont forgeet to check out the many diffrent floors! It is toaatly safe(Parents' Guide). There is a habbo way(just like laws we have) and everything. You dont need credits to be a habbo but u do need credits to get furni and mak  rooms. There gonna cost yeah tho
(Buy credits) check out that page for more info about credits.

You Mst Floolow the habbo way OR ELSE!!

The habbo way is as follows:
You must not:

  • Use any hacking, scripting or editing program within the hotel
  • Steal other Habbos' Credits or furniture
  • Describe sexual acts to other Habbos
  • Pester people who don't want to talk to you
  • Swear or use sexually graphic terms or be racist
  • Ask other Habbos for their (or give out your own) password, email addresses or other personal information, including real photos or pictures.
  • Type your password anywhere except in the "Check in" box on
  • Break the law in the hotel or talk others into breaking it

    You should:
    • Have fun!
    • Hang out with your friends
    • Make new friends
    • Respect other people's opinions and beliefs



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