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Habbo Hotel Canada

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My Contest. Try out my contest there is usaly furni in it for you if u win best of luck Habbos and remember  you cant win if your not a habbo so sighn up now(see habbo hotel home page).


Find The Room Contest!

Ok Everyone listen up this is how you can participate your going to go into a room read the stickie for instuctions it will tell you how to get to the next room then in the next room it is going to give u a "code" from there tell loca-jony(me) that "code" you have found if you get it right you win! The first clue to the room with the stiki's to the room with the "code" is type into the search bar Partay!!!!.


The Magic Habbo Contest!

Hi Everyone this is the magic habbo contest. ok there is a certain habbo in the hotel who is eing vary bad! what you need to do to win is spot this habbo ask him this questions "what is the answer?" he will then tell you a number. Tellloca-jony(me) this number if it is right you win! Now the last part to this habbo's name is boy.    ______-boy. Have fun!

Best Of luck to all of you participating in my contest and hope you win!.

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